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Get setup and get shooting!

This video will help you understand the basic workflow
1. Equipment Setup
2. Field Workflow

Coordinate Prep-Sheet

3. Registration
Scan-Eye Workflows:

Whether you are using Scan-Eye Pro or Scan-Eye Eco the configurations are similar.  Scan-Eye Eco have a separate "adapter" from spheres, while Scan-Eye Pro are configurable as either adapters or spheres.  There are many possible workflows that can be achieved using Scan-Eyes, but let’s start with the simplest first.


  • Using two Scan-Eyes allows for both position and orientation of the scan to be determined.   One mounted under the scanner provides the xyz position for the scan, while the other provides orientation for the scan.  Every scan is tied directly to survey control which can add global accuracy to the project.  This eliminates compounding registration error as well as speeding up the field operation.  Targeted registration can be used to place each scan, but target and scan names must be coordinated with the external references to ensure ease of registration.  It is important to note that using this workflow the scans will share no direct relationship as there are no targets or tie-points between them.  Only their relationship to the total-station is expressed so there may be slight misalignments scan to scan depending on your skill with the total station.  In this workflow adding more Scan-Eye spheres can increase orientation and tilt accuracy, but may not be necessary depending upon your needs.  Adding more Scan-Eyes adds redundancy, and may also allow Scene to automatically determine the correspondences between spheres and scans reducing the need to rename spheres prior to registration.


  • A single Scan-Eye can be mounted under the scanner to provide rough initial position for each scan, much like a scanner's internal GPS but with much higher accuracy.  Cloud to cloud registration can be used to complete the registration process.  In Scene the cloud to cloud registered cluster can then be locked and re-registered using target based registration to the Scan-Eye shots which can provide geo-referencing and tilt compensation for the project as a whole, but cannot provide registration adjustments from scan to scan.   A single Scan-Eye (or multiple) can also be used to supplement a more traditional target based workflow with survey control shots to provide external references.


  • At least three Scan-Eye Spheres are needed when not using a Scan-Eye Adapter.  This workflow is great for times when leveling the scanner is impossible.


  • Adding even more Scan-Eyes will enable superior precision, and other workflow possibilities such as normal scan to scan targeting with survey control to every target or permanent targeting installations for manufacturing facilities. 


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