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Why Scan-eye?

The new Scan-Eye was created to help others in the industry that may have the need to scan large or linear areas such as open fields, tunnels, rails, or roadways, and are tired of all the footwork that comes with traditional targeting.   The Scan-Eye also simplifys the registration process and provides a higher degree of global accuracy, because each scan is tied directly to survey control by a total station.

The Original


Neccesity is the mother of invention, and that is how the Scan-Eye came to be.  While scaning a huge area using normal targeting, the thought that there must be a better way was unavoidable.  The concept is simple, shoot the position of the scanner with a total station and use those shots for references in registration of the scans.  With help from friends in the industry the Scan-Eye was created to reduce the need for spheres or checkerboards, while improoving accuracy and speed over distance.  A piece of scrap was machined into the first and the results were so good we knew we had to share this ability.


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